Translations / Brian Friel (Literary Gatherings)

Noiz 2022/03/22
18:30 - 20:30
Non Kulturate
Hitzordua egutegira gehitu vCal
Coordinator: Olwen Mears

The action of this play takes place in late August 1833 at a hedge-school in the town land of Baile Beag - an Irish speaking community in County Donegal. The 'scholars' are a cross-section of the local community, from a semi-literate young farmer to and elderly polyglot autodidact who reads and quotes Homer in the original.

In a nearby field camps a recently arrived detachment of the Royal Engineers, engaged on behalf of the Britsh Army and Government in making the first Ordnance Survey. For the purposes of cartography, the local Gaelic place names have to be recorded and transliterated - or translated - into English, in examining the effects of this operation on the lives of a small group of people, Irish and English, Brian Friel skillfully reveals the unexpectedly far-reaching personal and cultural effects of an action which is at first sight purely administrative and harmless. While remaining faithful to the personalities and relationships of those people at that time he makes a richly suggestive statement about Irish - and English - history.

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